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CBD Oil FAQ's | The Best CBD Products For Sale

PoppaPlant Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a product that is derived from cannabis. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a type of cannabinoid—which means it is one of the chemicals that are naturally found in marijuana plants.

What makes CBD unique is that it does not create the effect of a “high” even though it comes from marijuana plants. This is because CBD is separate from THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid that causes marijuana’s intoxicating effects. Because of its properties, CBD is often used in products like oils and edibles—such as the CBD oil products offered by Poppa Plant. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about CBD oil: its effects, its benefits, and how to use it.

History of CBD Oil in America

CBD is still growing in popularity in the US, meaning not everyone is familiar with it. But this type of product is not entirely new to medicine. In fact, back in 1940, a team from Illinois University isolated CBD for the first time. It was during this time that scientists learned that there are active compounds in the cannabis plant that did not contain the psychoactive qualities of marijuana.

In the 1970s, marijuana became difficult for scientists and doctors to obtain because of the War on Drugs and the passage of the Controlled Substances Act. This is why studies significantly slowed down during that period.

It was only during the 1980s that CBD started to regain traction for its pain-relieving qualities. Nowadays, CBD oil is still gaining popularity in the US.

What is CBD Oil Used for?

CBD oil has a number of applications. Primarily, it works well for pain relief. The effects of CBD oil on the brain’s receptors help manage pain. Currently, the National Institutes of Health are also looking at how cannabis helps relieve symptoms caused by arthritis, muscle pain, and chronic pain.

CBD oil also helps provide relief for people struggling with anxiety. Researchers believe that it helps change the way the brain responds to serotonin, a chemical linked to mental health. Studies suggest that CBD oil may help relax the person, which eases anxiety and prevents anxiety attacks.

Additionally, CBD is being looked at as a possible treatment for epilepsy. Although research is still in its early stages, CBD may potentially help reduce the number of seizures in people with epilepsy.

CBD oil’s effects on the immune system may also help reduce the overall inflammation in the body, which is great for acne management. Studies found that the oil can prevent activity in the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum—the oily substance that hydrates the skin. Too much sebum may cause acne.

Finally, studies are being conducted on the role of CBD in preventing cancer cell growth. The National Cancer Institute says that CBD may be able to help alleviate cancer symptoms as well the side effects of cancer treatment.

The Rise of Natural Pain Relief Due to Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic refers to the increased number of deaths and hospitalizations caused by opioids: prescription opioids, illicit drugs, and analogues. In recent years, death rates from these drugs have ramped up to over 40,000 a year, or 115 a day across the country.

Because of this situation, the need for natural pain relief and alternative treatment methods rose dramatically. The opioid epidemic was caused, in part, by misuse of prescription opioids. People were not aware of the addictive effects of these medications, and so they started abusing their prescriptions. Lawsuits have even been filed against pharmaceutical companies that allegedly downplayed the side effects of opioids.

CBD oils, on the other hand, are natural products that do not have the same effects as marijuana.

Why Are People Choosing Poppa Plant CBD Oil?

Poppa Plant’s CBD oils have super high levels of bioavailability. This refers to the extent and rate at which the drug can enter the system and provide its benefits. Bioavailability is largely determined by the properties of the dosage form or the method of administration.

If a product has high bioavailability, it means it can be absorbed more easily and more quickly by the body. With Poppa Plant’s CBD oils, you can enjoy the benefits sooner. Our CBD oils are ethically sourced and made in the USA, so for those who are looking for high quality CBD products, Poppa Plant is your best choice.

How CBD Helps with Anxiety?

CBD is worth trying if someone is looking for ways to manage the symptoms of anxiety. CBD oil can mellow the nervous system so that the person is no longer in a ‘fight or flight’ response. People with anxiety may benefit from CBD as it will help them feel more relaxed. CBD tells the body to calm down, reminding it that you are safe.

One study found that a 600mg dose of CBD helped people with social anxiety give a speech. Early studies done with animals have shown that CBD may help relieve anxiety by reducing stress and decreasing the physiological effects of anxiety.

Still, CBD works best when paired with a healthy lifestyle, plenty of exercise, and good nutrition. It is not a good idea to expect CBD to be a wonder drug.

How CBD Helps with Pain Relief?

CBD is worth trying if someone is looking for ways to manage the symptoms of anxiety. CBD oil can mellow the nervous system so that the person is no longer in a ‘fight or flight’ response. People with anxiety may benefit from CBD as it will help them feel more relaxed. CBD tells the body to calm down, reminding it that you are safe.

One study found that a 600mg dose of CBD helped people with social anxiety give a speech. Early studies done with animals have shown that CBD may help relieve anxiety by reducing stress and decreasing the physiological effects of anxiety.

Still, CBD works best when paired with a healthy lifestyle, plenty of exercise, and good nutrition. It is not a good idea to expect CBD to be a wonder drug.

How CBD Helps with Seizure Prevention?

A 2016 study worked with 214 people with epilepsy. The participants added oral doses of 2 to 5mg of CBD per day to their existing anti-epilepsy medications. The researchers monitored the participants for 12 weeks, recording any negative side effects and checking on the frequency of their seizures. Overall, the participants had 36.5 percent fewer seizures per month. This means that CBD may become a treatment for epilepsy in the future.

How CBD Helps with Neuroprotectivity?

Neurodegenerative disorders are conditions that can cause the brain and nerves to deteriorate over time. Researchers are looking into using CBD as a potential preventive measure against these disorders.

CBD oil may reduce the inflammation that can make neurodegenerative symptoms worse. Researchers are studying the use of CBD oil for treating the following conditions: Parkinson’s disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis or MS. CBD has potential in terms of neuroprotectivity.

How CBD Helps with Acne?

Some evidence suggests that CBD oil may be helpful against acne. This is because CBD oil helps adjust how the body creates sebum—the waxy, oily substance that the skin makes. By limiting sebum, CBD helps prevent acne. CBD oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. Overall, the benefits of CBD oil for acne may be different for each individual. Many factors influence acne such as genetics, excess sebum, stress levels, diet, hormonal imbalances and some medications.

How CBD Helps with Cancer?

Some people suggest using CBD in the treatment of cancer, but it is too early to make any claims about it. However, the compound may help manage symptoms that occur due to this disease or its treatment. Studies are still being conducted on the topic, and while the initial results are promising, they are not conclusive. This means more research needs to be done on CBD and cancer treatment, but this looks to be very promising.

What Types of People Are Using CBD Oil?

Many different people have different reasons for taking CBD oil. Business owners, caretakers, stay at home parents, and athletes: all of them can benefit from Poppa Plant’s CBD oils.

Running your own business can be very stressful. Business owners have to deal with a lot of pressure on a daily basis. The same can be said for stay at home moms or dads who have to raise their children and take care of the family while also working. CBD helps lower stress levels and relax the body.

Athletes who are always pushing themselves while training can experience a lot of body pain—which is something CBD oils can help with as well.

People with anxiety, caretakers of the elderly, and those who have ADHD can also benefit from Poppa Plant’s CBD oils as it helps them deal with the challenges of their daily lives. Poppa Plant is the lead provider of CBD oils, tinctures, and softgels that are ethically sourced and made right here in the USA.

Our products not only have high bioavailability, but they also go through stringent quality control.

What is CBD Oil And What Is It Made From?

Cannabis oil is the concentrated liquid extract of the marijuana plant.  But similar to other herbal extracts, the chemicals in cannabis oils vary depending on how the extract is made. Cannabis plants have thousands of compounds, among them being CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana and it is what gives people a “high”. Unlike THC, CBD is not known to cause psychoactive effects. This means CBD oil is made from CBD that was extracted and separated from THC in order to provide the benefits without the high.

How is CBD Oil Made?

CBD oils contain a mixture of the base oil and the CBD. The base oils are responsible for diluting the CBD, making it easier for the body to absorb. These oils are typically a blend of coconut oil, MCT oil, vegetable glycerine base, and hemp seed oil.

CBD oil is made by extracting the CBD from the cannabis plant, and then diluting it with the base oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. Contact Poppa Plant today to learn more about our CBD products.

Are all CBD Oils the Same?

Not all CBD oils are made equal. Just because it’s a mixture of base oil and CBD does not mean they are all the same. The quality between CBD products varies greatly between different manufacturers. Poppa Plant, for example, provides the highest quality CBD oils, tinctures, and softgels in the market.

With the market expanding every day, it is important for buyers to choose a trusted source such as Poppa Plant. One of the determining factors that can set good products apart from the rest is the testing process. Poppa Plant’s strict quality control ensures that only high quality CBD reaches our customers.

There are countless global sources of hemp, and each variety has its own set of characteristics. But Poppa Plant’s CBD oils are made entirely in the US.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil: What is the Difference?

CBD oil is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant. These are the only parts of the plant where cannabidiol can be found. On the other hand, hemp oil is made from hemp seeds. It is also known as hemp seed oil. This means hemp oil has little to no CBD content.

Each type of oil offers its own potent health benefits. The best way to determine which is which is to look at the ingredients listed in the packaging. CBD oils should have cannabidiol or CBD listed. For hemp oil, it should say “hemp oil” or “hemp seed oil” in the packaging. If this is not displayed, look for “cannabis seed oil” or “cannabis sativa seed oil” in the ingredients.

Can CBD Oil be used for Natural Pain Relief?

CBD has been shown to reduce pain, stiffness, and inflammation in patients with arthritis. One study focusing on people with multiple sclerosis showed that patients who took CBD enjoyed improvements in terms of pain reduction, walking, and muscle spasms.

Because opioids are at the center of a deadly epidemic, patients dealing with pain should consider more natural options such as CBD oil.

Does CBD Work Well for Anxiety?

CBD is known to relax the body and keep a person calm. This means it may be able to help those who are suffering from depression and anxiety—not as a cure, but as a supplemental treatment. It works best when paired with exercise, healthy diet, and therapy.

A report published in Neurotherapeutics found that CBD oil has the potential to work as treatment in conditions like generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Where Is Poppa Plants CBD Oil Made?

Poppa Plant’s CBD oils, tinctures, and softgels are ethically sourced and made entirely in the USA. Poppa Plant is a brand you can trust when it comes to high quality CBD products.

We make sure that our CBD oils, tinctures, and softgels go through a stringent quality control process to make sure our customers get only the best products.

Why is Poppa Plant the Best CBD Oil Producer?

Poppa Plant products have superior levels of bioavailability. This refers to how quickly and effectively the body can absorb the nutrients contained in the product. Our CBD oils have super high levels of bioavailability, meaning you can benefit from it faster, and more reliably. You can trust that our CBD oils are ethically sourced. Call Poppa Plant today to learn more about our different CBD products.

What Is A CBD Oil Tincture?

Any medication that is kept in alcohol arrangement is called a tincture. CBD is suspended under 60 to 70 percent distilled alcohol. CBD oil tinctures have a high bioavailability due to the presence of alcohol. The alcohol also serves as a preservative, which enhances the life of CBD. Tinctures therefore have a long shelf life, Dosage varies from user to user.

What Are Poppa Plant CBD Tinctures Used for?

CBD tinctures have an alcohol base, whereas CBD oil has an oil base. The applications are basically the same: they can be used to relieve pain, help with anxiety, lower stress levels, etc. The difference is the method of administration. They have the same therapeutic properties. But while CBD oil is usually taken orally, CBD tinctures are taken sublingually or under the tongue.

Tinctures or Softgels for Pain: Which One to Use?

When choosing between tinctures and softgels, people should consider the idea of bioavailability. Different products are processed by the body in different ways. So even if both products contain CBD, their effects may be different.

CBD tinctures are generally faster than softgels. This is because CBD tinctures are placed under the tongue, where it is absorbed much faster and reach the bloodstream quicker, causing immediate effects. But then there is the matter of convenience. Some people will not be able to take CBD tinctures in the morning because it takes a bit of preparation. Meanwhile softgels are capsules that contain CBD and can just be taken like any other supplement.

For those who travel a lot, the non-liquid option (softgels) may be more ideal. So while tinctures work faster, softgels are more convenient. It is all a matter of preference.

Best Ways to Use CBD Tinctures?

For those who are only trying out CBD for the first time, a CBD tincture might be the better way to go. CBD tinctures can give you the full CBD experience right away, so you can see whether or not you will benefit from it. To take it, just place a dropper-full of CBD underneath your tongue and hold it for at least a minute before swallowing. At first it might seem weird or gross, but this allows the oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system first. Afterwards, it is just a matter of seeing what dosage works and adjusting intake accordingly.

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

The cannabis plant has two main chemical compounds that consumers should be aware of: CBD and THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant. THC is the part that gives people a high and creates euphoric sensations. Someone taking CBD should not feel sedated or altered in any way.

There is one notable exception, however: some people react differently to CBD for unknown reasons. About 5 percent of people say they feel altered after taking CBD. It’s hard to predict how the body will react to any new supplement, but this is a very rare occurrence.

That said, Poppa Plant’s CBD oils will not produce a high as these products do not contain THC.

Does CBD Oil Work?

Not all CBD oils are created equal. So whether or not it works for you will depend on the quality of the product you chose. High quality CBD oil, such as the ones from Poppa Plant, should yield significant results.

Ultimately, it depends on what you are taking CBD for, what dosage is right for you, and what you expect from the product. Anyone who has ever started a new supplement or vitamin will know that the short answer to how long it takes to kick in is “it depends”. For some people, dietary supplements take time.

What Are the Different Types of CBD Oil?

The three most common types of CBD are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Each of these is created differently through a process known as extraction. Extraction is what turns the whole hemp plant into a CBD product.

Full spectrum CBD extracts a full profile of beneficial cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Full spectrum will contain trace amounts of THC, but not enough to get you high. In fact, CBD products that contain less than 0.3 percent THC are federally legal and nationally available.

Broad spectrum CBD is the middle ground between full spectrum and isolate CBD. It begins as a full spectrum oil, but then it goes through a refinement process to remove all THC compounds, leaving behind the other beneficial cannabinoids.

Finally, isolate refers to pure CBD powder that isolates CBD from the rest of the compounds in the cannabis plant.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum means that the oil or product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. High quality full spectrum CBD will be high in CBD and will contain very low amounts of THC (less than 0.3 percent).

Full spectrum products are generally considered more effective than products that are CBD isolate derived.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

Broad spectrum CBD oil is the cousin of full spectrum CBD. These two are nearly identical, except broad spectrum CBD is entirely THC free. This is because this type of CBD oil starts off as full spectrum, but goes through a refinement process to eliminate the THC completely.

What is Isolate CBD Oil?

Isolate is a type of CBD that is isolated from the rest of the compounds in the cannabis plant. After CBD concentrate is extracted and separated from the other compounds in the plant, it goes through a winterization process that extracts remaining waxes, terpenes, or cannabinoids. This means that the product is almost 99 percent pure CBD.

Does CBD Oil Make You Poop?

A 2015 study reported that diarrhea is one of the potential side effects linked to the use of CBD oil. The test was conducted on people between the ages of 1 and 30 who had severe epilepsy. Of the 214 participants, 19 percent reportedly experienced diarrhea. However, it is not entirely clear whether CBD was responsible for this side effect as it has not occurred in other studies related to CBD.

The study theorized that the diarrhea could have been caused by the sesame oil mixed with the CBD and used as the base oil. It may even be any other ingredient in CBD oil that caused gastrointestinal distress.

If you take CBD oil and experience diarrhea, stop using CBD oil for a day or two to confirm whether or not it is being caused by the CBD. As always, consult with your doctor if you have questions or concerns.

Is CBD Oil Bad for Your Liver?

There is a lack of comprehensive toxicological studies devoted to CBD safety. As such there is no definitive confirmation regarding the effects of CBD oil on the liver. However, researchers from the University of Arkansas used a group of 8-week-old mice to try and see the effects of various doses of CBD.

The mice largely tolerated the CBD, but when given the highest doses, they showed clear signs of liver toxicity. This would be the human equivalent of 200 mg of CBD. However, it should be noted that the researchers said there is no need to panic. While CBD may not be safe to take in high quantities, the study used significantly higher doses of CBD than what humans would usually take for therapeutic benefit. The amount of CBD the animals were exposed to is far higher than what most humans would take.

Can I Drive After Taking CBD Oil?

CBD is not illegal and it does not make you high. This means from a legal perspective, it is okay to use CBD before driving. It also does not contain enough THC to make it illegal.

However, because of the relaxing properties of CBD oil, some people experience drowsiness when they take CBD. If you experience such effects, consider lowering your dosage. Always take extra precaution on the road. At the end of the day, it depends on your judgment, whether you think it is safe for you to drive or not. CBD should not impair your driving skills in any way.

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking CBD Oil?

Right now, there is not enough research to determine the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol. But several studies in both humans and animals suggest that CBD may even reduce some of alcohol’s side effects.

Not much is known about the adverse effects of alcohol consumption with CBD. But because of this uncertainty, it is not advisable to take alcohol and CBD together, especially for those who are not sure how it will affect them. Make sure to consult your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Will CBD Oil Make Me Sleepy?

CBD’s relaxing effects can make a person drowsy. CBD oil could make you sleepy because of how it interacts with the brain. The CB1 receptor is involved in the release of neurochemicals such as serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin is a well-known sleeping aid—in fact it is often the active ingredient in sleeping pills. The body releases melatonin based on when it expects to get sleepy.

CBD could also block the molecules that cause anxiety and depression. Tiredness may come as a result of this. It is possible for CBD to make you sleepy, so plan accordingly.

Can You Get Addicted To CBD?

CBD is entirely different from THC. And because THC is not present in CBD oils, it will not cause the user to get high. They can enjoy the benefits of CBD without the euphoric sensations. Without this euphoria, there’s nothing for the person to get addicted to. CBD will not change a person’s state of mind.

Instead, cannabidiol may limit inflammation in the brain and nervous system, which may benefit people struggling with pain, insomnia, and certain immune system responses. Poppa Plant’s CBD oils help people enjoy a wide range of benefits, without causing addiction.

Why do You Put CBD Oil under Your Tongue?

CBD oil tinctures are taken sublingually. The word ‘sublingual’ refers to the large blood vessel under the tongue. This means when you take CBD oil sublingually, you use a dropper and put the CBD under your tongue. When liquids are placed there, they can cross the thin membrane and enter the bloodstream.

This process happens very quickly, which is part of the reason why CBD oil tinctures are so popular. The CBD reaches the bloodstream very quickly. It also means that a greater amount will be absorbed and used by the body. It requires very little effort, and can be completed in a couple of minutes without any special equipment.

What Is the Best Form Of CBD?

Between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD, the best form is perhaps the full spectrum. This is because full spectrum CBD contains the full profile of beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant. This means all the beneficial compounds are present and could work synergistically together.

As for isolate, Canadian researchers found that CBD isolate has a minimum and maximum “threshold of effectiveness”. It means you have to take a certain amount for it to be effective and there is a limit of what you can consume in a day.

As for what form of CBD product to go for, it depends on preference. Tinctures have high bioavailability while softgels are more convenient. There are vape pens that provide the highest bioavailability for CBD because it is inhaled directly into your respiratory system. However, the effects of CBD when taken through vape pens wear of faster too.

Poppa Plant’s oils, tinctures, and softgels are your best bet when it comes to getting maximum results.

Do You Swallow CBD Oil?

If you keep the CBD oil under your tongue for at least 60 to 90 seconds, most of it should be absorbed into your mouth. But there will still be small amounts left behind, which you are free to swallow, just to get that extra CBD oil. This remaining CBD will have to go through the digestive tract, so the bioavailability for that batch of CBD will be lower. Still, it is preferable to just spitting it out as there is still a small chance for absorption into your bloodstream via the digestive tract.

Is CBD Oil Good for Wrinkles?

CBD has some antioxidant properties: it comes from a plant, after all. CBD can counteract free-radical damage while reducing the look of inflammation. This is why CBD anti-aging creams can visibly diminish problems like dullness, wrinkles, and ruddy skin tone. CBD lessens the visible signs of aging.

CBD may not be the most popular antioxidant out there, but it certainly is a nice bonus to go with the many benefits of CBD oil.

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

CBD oil can relieve stress and alleviate pain. By extension, this can promote a healthier appetite. So while CBD does not make you hungry directly, it may encourage you to eat more. It is not like how smoking marijuana with high THC content causes extreme hunger. Because CBD oil does not contain THC, it doesn’t have this same effect. Instead, CBD can boost your appetite by eliminating stress and pain—which may motivate you to eat. CBD indirectly affects your hunger levels, but in a healthier way than THC.

Is CBD Oil Bad for the Kidneys?

Right now there isn’t a lot of research into cannabinoids and their relationship with the kidneys. However, so far CBD oil has not shown any harmful effects on these vital organs. More studies are necessary in order to fully understand how using CBD can affect the kidneys.

Can I Rub CBD Oil On My Skin For Pain?

For pain relief, using CBD oil tinctures is recommended because it is absorbed by the body faster. Topical CBD may not have the same pain-relieving effect. Additionally, it is unclear how much CBD is needed to have a pain-relieving effect after applying it on the skin.

The major issue is creating a topical cannabinoid product that contains CBD that can penetrate the skin enough to produce an effect. Your best bet is to just take the CBD oils, or tinctures, or softgels.

What Does Bioavailability Mean?

Bioavailability is essentially a measure of the extent and rate at which a product enters systemic circulation. It refers to the amount of an ingredient that gets absorbed in the body. For example, products that are administered intravenously are fully available in the bloodstream and are therefore 100 percent bioavailable.

When compounds are administered via other routes such as orally or nasally or sublingually, the overall percent of bioavailability varies as these drugs must first pass through further barriers before reaching circulation.

Poppa Plant prides itself in products that have high bioavailability, whether it’s CBD oil, CBD tinctures, or CBD softgels. We provide the highest quality CBD oils in the US. Call us today to learn more about our range of products.